Media Relations for Police, Fire & 911 Supervisors

Vital 1-Day Police Department Media Relations Training

for Police, Fire, 911 & Supervisors

Intensive ‘Real World’ Media Relations Training – High caliber
instruction, videos, exercises & more


  • Managing reporters on-scene
  • There’s a problem with those words!
  • How NOT to go viral & become the news
  • Secrets & techniques reporters don’t want you to know
  • Say “no comment” without really saying it
  • Why perception is everything on the streets
  • Social media: Secrets, tricks & career killers
  • One word that will save your #%&!
  • “Cyber Activism” in the real
  • News coverage trends that you need to know NOW!
  • Videos: Good, bad & ugly of media encounters
  • What your body language is really saying
  • A simple item to slow things down on your scene
  • Emergency responses to tough media questions

Media Relations Police, Fire, 911, Supervisors

January 1, 2021, $179 per person – Limited seating available

Phone: (480) 622-8297 or e-mail