A Vital 2-Day Seminar for Chiefs, Sheriffs, Supervisors & Spokespersons


You’ll gain critical skills needed to understand and deal with local, national and international news media. Media Relations for Law Enforcement is essential for any law enforcement officer responsible for communicating and interacting with the media. You’ll discover powerful, practical tools to manage and disseminate information. You’ll receive step-by-step direction on how to use these powerful tools to excel during interviews and news conferences, at crime scenes and in crisis situation.


  • Officer Survival! Handling reporters on-scene
  • How NOT to go viral & become the news
  • Secrets & tricks reporters don’t want you to know
  • Police Social Media: Hits & misses
  • There’s a problem with those words
  • Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Google are news
  • When to respond & when to just “shut up!”
  • “Cyber Activism” – A dramatic impact on police
  • The art of talking without revealing anything
  • Court rulings impacting every supervisor & officer
  • News coverage trends you need to know NOW!
  • Fighting rumors, lies and innuendo
  • 1-word that will save your #$%!
  • Videos: Good, bad & ugly of media interviews
  • Perception is everything on-scene, in public & online!
  • A simple item to slow things down on your scene
  • Emergency responses to tough media questions

After two days with us, you’ll be more confident and prepared than ever before.

Registration is $295 per person. Click here to register now