Master Public Information Officer – 4-day Certification Program
Pio Training Fire

A Hard-Hitting, No-Nonsense Media Relations Course
for Police, Fire & Public Safety Officials


  • Intensive Media Relations Training
  • High caliber instruction
  • Challenging exercises
  • Video presentations
  • On-camera practicals & more
  • Great weather!
  • Networking opportunities


  • Social Media Revolution – Tricks, secrets & pitfalls
  • On-scene & Incident Command communications
  • Case studies: Boston Marathon Bombers & Trayvon Martin
  • iPad & Android Apps that dramatically impact your agency
  • When to respond and when to just shut-up!
  • Your “open-door policy” may be a career killer
  • “Cyber Activism” is a game changer for Police
  • Why reporters need your dept. on social media!
  • Videos: Good, bad & ugly of news interviews
  • Federal Court ruling makes everyone a reporter
  • Secrets reporters don’t want you to know
  • Twitter, Facebook & YouTube are the news now!
  • You may NOT need a media policy
  • Take the heart out of a negative news story
  • Google & new tech can save your dept’s reputation
  • What are your words and body language really saying?
  • An eye-opening look inside a TV news room
  • Writing more effective news releases
  • Emergency responses to toughest media questions

Pio Training Fire

Cost to attend is $595 – Limited seating available

Phone: (480) 622-8297 or e-mail