1-on-1 Virtual Public Information Officer – Schools

A No-Nonsense Media Relations Class for School
Public Affairs/Public Information Officers

  • Intensive Media Relations Training
  • High caliber instruction
  • Challenging exercises
  • Video presentations
  • On-camera practicals & more
  • Great weather!
  • Networking opportunities


  • Social Media Revolution – Tricks, secrets & pitfalls
  • On-scene & Incident Command communications
  • Case studies: Boston Marathon Bombers & Trayvon Martin
  • iPad & Android Apps that dramatically impact your agency
  • When to respond and when to just shut-up!
  • Your “open-door policy” may be a career killer
  • “Cyber Activism” is a game changer for Police
  • Why reporters need your dept. on social media!
  • Videos: Good, bad & ugly of news interviews
  • Federal Court ruling makes everyone a reporter
  • Secrets reporters don’t want you to know
  • Twitter, Facebook & YouTube are the news now!
  • You may NOT need a media policy
  • Take the heart out of a negative news story
  • Google & new tech can save your dept’s reputation
  • What are your words and body language really saying?
  • An eye-opening look inside a TV news room
  • Writing more effective news releases
  • Emergency responses to toughest media questions

After this intensive seminar event, you’ll be ready to take on the challenges of media relations with newfound knowledge and confidence to succeed like never before.

1-on-1 Virtual Public Information Officer – Schools

$595 per person – Limited seating available
For info E-mail or (480) 622-8297