Police Media Relations + Social Media™

A Vital 2-Day Seminar for Police, Sheriff’s & Public Safety Supervisors

February 2020
Your Police Dept.
Anytown, USA

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  • Officer Survival! Handling reporters on-scene
  • How NOT to go viral & become the news
  • Secrets & tricks reporters don’t want you to know
  • Police Social Media: Hits & misses
  • There’s a problem with those words
  • Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Google are news
  • When to respond & when to just “shut up!”
  • “Cyber Activism” – A dramatic impact on police
  • The art of talking without revealing anything
  • Court rulings impacting every supervisor & officer
  • News coverage trends you need to know NOW!
  • Fighting rumors, lies and innuendo
  • 1-word that will save your #$%!
  • Videos: Good, bad & ugly of media interviews
  • Perception is everything on-scene, in public & online!
  • A simple item to slow things down on your scene
  • Emergency responses to tough media questions

$295 per person  – Limited seating

Police Media Relations+ Social Media

February 2020 ● 0800 to 1600 hours
Your Police Dept. –Training Room
2020 West Police Media Relations Blvd.
Your City, USA

Register NOW!   |   Police Media Relations + Social Media Flyer

For info e-mail or 602-840-2959